Accommodation Options

The Grand Hotel Berti and the Hotel President, both sharing the same location and amenities, are two partner hotels with a reserved price for the Conference participants.
Situated facing the sea, the Grand Hotel Berti***** provides a unique combination of comfort and nature. This hotel features 118 rooms, 12 suites, a large restaurant, a wide golden sandy beach, a private park, and a private covered garage.
Meanwhile, the Hotel President**** is the perfect choice for those seeking relax or immersion in nature. This hotel boasts 12 floors, 252 rooms, a large and sunny restaurant, a pure and very wide beach, private parkland, and a private covered garage.

Grand Hotel Berti
Hotel President

How to Get There

  • By Car

The A14 motorway connects Bologna, the meeting point of all the roads from the north, to the Adriatic Coast and Silvi Marina. To reach Silvi Marina, take the Città S. Angelo – Pescara Nord exit. If you’re travelling from the south, follow the directions for Ancona. If you’re coming from the north, follow the directions for Pescara. For those coming from Rome, it is recommended to follow the A24 motorway to Pescara and then take the A14, exiting at “Città S. Angelo – Pescara Nord”. Silvi Marina is 1.7 km from the motorway exit.

  • By Bus

Travelling to Silvi Marina is possible with different bus companies, such as FlixBus and Pronto Bus, which offer services to Pescara Central Station (from there, you can take a regional train to Silvi Marina). In most cases, you are allowed to bring a suitcase and hand luggage on the bus for free. The on-board equipment varies depending on the company, but many long-distance coaches offer Wi-Fi. The fastest coach from Rome to Pescara Central Station takes approximately 3 hours.

  • By Plane

There are several airports that can be used to travel to Silvi Marina. The nearest airport is Pescara, which is about 16 km away and serves various national and international flights. Additionally, Fiumicino international airport “Leonardo Da Vinci” in Rome is approximately 250 km from Silvi Marina, while Ciampino international airport “G. B. Pastine” in Rome is approximately 220 km away.

  • By Train

We recommend taking the regional train to Silvi Marina from Pescara Centrale, which is the main station for those arriving from both the north and south. The conference venue is located approximately 15 km from the train station.

  • To book a Taxi in Silvi Marina, you can use the following contact numbers:

From major Italian airports, shuttle buses will be organized for direct transportation to the conference venue. Details about this service are available here.
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Local Guide

The Abruzzo region is renowned throughout Italy for not only its stunning landscapes, stretching from the picturesque coast to the majestic mountains, but also for its rich culinary heritage. Whether you’re exploring the coastal towns or the charming hinterland, you’re sure to indulge in a plethora of delectable ‘abruzzesi’ dishes.

Coastal cuisine predominantly features fresh fish, while inland delicacies showcase authentic meats and cheeses. Pair your meals with the region’s superb wines, which are made from the Montepulciano grape that is abundantly cultivated here.
You simply cannot leave Abruzzo without trying some of its signature dishes, such as the flavorful “brodetto,” a hearty fish soup with tomatoes, or the mouthwatering “arrosticini”, succulent skewers of grilled lamb. Once you savor the distinct flavors of Abruzzo cuisine, they will forever be etched in your memory.