With the conference theme “Expanding Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Geospatial Research for the One Health Era”, GeoVet 2023 aims to address various topics from the perspectives of innovation, integration, and application. The meeting takes on the challenge of exploring new data sources and spatio-temporal methods in order to assess how climate change, human activities, domestic and wild animal interaction are affecting veterinary medicine, public health, and food safety.
It is with this vision that we welcome contributions for oral and poster presentations on the following topics:

  • The role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial methods in informing One Health strategies

  • Advancing veterinary epidemiology through the use of novel data sources: social network data, web scraping, and citizen data science

  • Innovative spatial-temporal approaches in surveillance and operational early warning systems

  • Network analysis and GIS for understanding the spread of infectious diseases and the transmission pathways

  • Methods and operational tools for emergency preparedness, response and management

  • Emerging technologies and data-driven approaches for humans, animals and the environment health: artificial intelligence, big data, and earth observation

  • Exploring the direct and indirect consequences of climate change on animal and human health through spatial-temporal methods

  • Species distribution modelling in spatial veterinary epidemiology

  • Advances in supply chain risk management and food safety

  • Novel genetic methods and informatics for spatial epidemiology

  • Modelling and forecasting the spread of infectious diseases in domestic and wild animals

  • Evaluating the impact of human activities on species ecology: biodiversity loss, wildlife conservation and management

  • Seawater and freshwater ecosystem health

  • Exploring new frontiers in visual communication through the latest GIS tools